High-quality industrial products designed to optimize your operations and enhance efficiency.


Our products are designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications, ensuring reliability, durability, and performance.


These products are backed by specialised solutions, partnerships, and in-house expertise aimed at delivering cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Whether you’re in need of predictive maintenance tools, quick-fix solutions for pipe repairs, durable conveyor rollers, or essential industrial chemicals, our team has you covered with quality products and immediate assistance.



Predictive Maintenance Solution

Predictive maintenance is a solution for industries looking to address unpredicted production downtime.

AsystomPredict is a smart, autonomous solution for predictive maintenance for a wide range of industrial machines with motors, bearings, pumps, valves, etc., which are common in heavy industry. This turnkey solution monitors and analyses any machine and helps you to predict anomalies wirelessly and non-intrusively with a simple installation.


Rapid Response Pipe Clamp

XR3 is a distributor for the world’s fastest method to repair a pipe under pressure the Rapid Response Pipe Clamp. The clamp has been engineered to contain leakage from damaged pipework under pressure faster, with less potential for harm to the operator than all competitive systems on the market.

The Rapid Response Pipe Clamp is fully self-contained and is designed to be operated by one person with no requirement for additional tools.



Pipe Repair Bandages

A fast-curing pipe repair bandage is specially formulated to make quick and effective repairs to cracks, leaks, fractures, and corrosion porosity.

The Bandages are used to repair pipes with materials like copper, PVC plastic, steel, Cast iron, GRP, ceramic, concrete, lead, and hoses from rubber. The bandages are impregnated fibreglass, with a knitted non-woven fibreglass structure, that gives the bandage maximum strength and facilitates repairs on corner joints, elbows, and other shaped fittings.


Conveyer Rollers

We supply premium quality rollers for your conveyor system. We deliver a range of special-design rollers:

  • Waterproof rollers
  • Rollers for extreme climate conditions
  • Rollers for extreme loading
  • High speed rollers
  • Reduced noise rollers
  • Rollers for aggressive chemical conditions and case-hardened rollers.



Industrial Chemicals

XR3 is a distributor of industrial cleaning supplies. We can supply your business with specialty chemical cleaning and dust suppression products for the mining and energy industries. Australian owned and manufactured, we distribute a state of the art range of products including.

  • Hand Sanitisers
  • Multi purpose cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Truck and machinery cleaners
  • Anti corrosive products

All products are ChemAlert approved and registered on the mining chemical registry.


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